My name is John Philip Agustino. I am a Professional Mobile Application Developer and welcome to my site this serves as online resume, porfolio and some what kind of a blog. This site contains my professional background and projects that I have worked on and a few personal stuff about me. This is a good reference in case you want to hire me or I got fired from work and is looking for a job.

About me

I graduated with a bachelors degree of Computer Science in Notre Dame University Cotabato, Philippines. Since childhood I was always interested in technology such as computers and other IT stuff. So it's only natural that I end up working in this field. I like to learn new stuff and work hard especially if I am interested in that particular stuff. Of course there are procastinating moment in life, but I do not see this as negative, we're humans we have feelings like: felling tired, lazy, tired...

I always make sure that all my work is designed to look very simple and clean. It helps me relax and I'm sure other users as well.

My vission

Be happy with yourself when you accomplish the things you set out to do. Do what you love, work hard or be lazy as long as it makes you happy.


Portfolio coming up.